Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does my child really need to start learning a foreign language at such an early age?
A:  While children can certainly be successful studying languages in the middle and 
      high school years, studies show that children are more likely to develop language
      proficiency and native accents when a foreign language is introduced during the 
      earliest stages of cognitive development — even as early as 6 months old. 

Q:  Will learning a second language interfere with my child‘s English language
     development and comprehension ability ?  
A: Learning a second language actually enhances a child’s English language skills. 
     According to linguists and child development experts, children who learn second
    and even third languages acquire vocabulary at the same age and rate as children
    who speak English only, and they do not experience any long-term language delays.
    In fact, regular study of a foreign language is statistically proven to improve a 
    child’s skill, vocabulary, and comprehension of his or her native language.   

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